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Jackets Beyond Walls
Jackets Beyond Walls
Georgia Tech's Impact LLC has joined forces with Love Beyond Walls' Dignity Museum to bring you an amazing, thought-provoking experience that we hope will challenge you to look at homelessness from a whole new angle! Interested? Keep reading to learn more about this free, three-day event!
March 23rd - March 25th 丨 8:00am - 5:00pm
Georgia Tech ,
801 Atlantic Dr, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA
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Learn more about Jackets Beyond Walls and how you can get involved:


Inform 丨Inspire丨Impact

Jackets Beyond Walls is bringing Love Beyond Walls’ Dignity Museum to Georgia Tech’s campus in order to educate our community about the experience of homelessness and poverty and inspire the Georgia Tech community to take action to help those in need. In addition, we are also hoping to build a lasting partnership between this incredible organization and Impact, allowing future members of our Living Learning Community to get involved and continue to make a difference in the years to come!

Click the link below to learn more about Impact and its purpose as a Living Learning Community: 


Telling their Story. 
Becoming that Difference.

To make this experience as accessible as possible, we have two amazing options for you: a guided tour of Dignity Museum or our open, outside exhibit!

If you are interested, you can go ahead and click the link below to sign up for a free, 30 minute tour of Dignity Museum! If you don't have time, you are more than welcome to check out our "open museum," where you can stop by whenever you want, leave anytime you want, and come back as many times as you want–no sign in required! 



If you would like to help us spread the word about Jackets Beyond Walls, check out our instagram page (@jackets_beyond_walls) and repost our content to either your story or main feed! Not only will you be helping us reach more people and inspire others to challenge their views on homelessness, but you might even get the opportunity to win one of two $50+ dollar Visa gift cards! 

Don't believe us? Click the link below to see for yourself and learn more about this awesome giveaway! 

Want to become a volunteer? Please fill out this volunteer form below to get involved!

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A brief introduction to the amazing partners and sponsors who made this event possible

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Impact Living Learning Community

Jackets Beyond Walls is proud to be a project launched under Impact, Georgia Tech's newest Living Learning Community.

At Impact, undergraduate students with like-minded interests and passions come together to form a rich, tight-knit community that all live together and participate in numerous fun activities throughout the year. Most importantly, focused on the topics of Diversity, Sustainability, and Social Good, Impact invites students to explore the issues that matter most to them and their communities, providing them with the tools, resources, and support network to create innovative plans that address society's greatest issues and then bring their ideas to life.

Jackets Beyond Walls would not be possible without the help and support of this amazing Impact Community, and we are both honored and proud to be representing this incredible group of students and faculty here at Georgia Tech!

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A Movement of Doers

Love Beyond Walls, a non-profit organization out of College Park, GA, has distinguished itself within its community for its passionate, innovative approach to helping others. From hosting various volunteer events to marching its cause all the way to the White House, Love Beyond Walls and it's movement of doers are dedicated to serving the community, bringing dignity to the homeless and poor, and helping people climb out of their difficult situations. At Love Beyond Walls, their mission goes beyond just a bag of groceries, a pair of new shoes, or a fresh, clean haircut– it's about giving love away.



Experience the Forgotten

In order to further its mission in bringing dignity and awareness to those who society tends to forget, Love Beyond Walls launched Dignity Museum: Atlanta's first museum dedicated to homelessness.

Built within a shipping container in order to mirror the experience of homelessness, Dignity Museum is a mind-blowing, thought-provoking experience that makes the most of its limited space using interactive technology and thoughtfully designed exhibits that tell the heartbreaking story of homelessness not as outsiders looking in, but from the voices of the people who are actually experiencing it. Dignity Museum is split into three sections: challenging stereotypes, creating empathy, and inspiring action, each with its own set of unforgettable true stories and powerful, inspirational message.

Jackets Beyond Walls is honored to have the opportunity of bringing this incredible museum to campus and share it with the rest of our Georgia Tech community, and we can't until the moment you are finally able to experience it for yourself! 



A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors!

- Impact Living Learning Community
- The Georgia Tech Parent's Fund for Student Life and Leadership 
- Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
- The Georgia Tech College of Engineering

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If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, feel free to email anyone on the Jackets Beyond Walls team: 

Jacy Watson:

Deanna Lin:

Alexa Comportie: 

Alex Andrade:

Sarah Rodriguez:

You may also contact us through submitting the form to the right. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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